24 July, 2021


Plain Air Artists Week #3


More than ever, we believe that creativity will be our beacon towards better tomorrows.

13th Street Winery celebrates our need to tap into our creative energies. This is the final Saturday to enjoy Niagara’s Plein Air artists on the grounds of 13th Street Winery. Weather permitting, explore and learn more about some of Niagara’s local artists as you enjoy a glass of wine and wander around 13th Street Winery’s sculpture garden.





Artist Photo

Alexandra (Cindy) Sheridan is an emerging artist focused on Realism in both Oil and Acrylic painting.  A passion for art, a constant thread throughout her life has blossomed since retiring from a successful business career. Having travelled extensively, a “sense of place” and a reverence for nature beckons discovery of one’s own self.  Another reoccurring theme, the exploration of internal conflict had won her two Juried Art Shows in 2003, 2004. Largely self taught and Influenced by the works of Georgia O’Keefe, Canadian artist Alex Coville, and Visual Arts at Brock U., she continues to study with both local and Hawaiian artists where she resides in the winter.
Painting “En Plein Air”, one of the most challenging art venues is also a pathway for honing artistic skills.  As Founder of Niagara Plein Air Artists in 2018, she was instrumental in co-ordinating the Niagara Plein Air Artists Art Show in 2019 in Niagara-on-the-lake. She is also a member of the Parkway Artist’s Guild, Plein Air Artists in both Maui and the Big Island, and has been a past member of many regional art associations. She currently resides in Niagara Falls and paints prolifically “in situ” throughout Niagara. Her works are in private collections in the U.S., Germany and Canada.  All Plein Air proceeds for works done on site have been donated to the patron’s designated charity. Contact cindy@realtyniagara.ca

13th Street Winery Fire in the Hills Oil 30x24 1 Niagara Falls American Side



Josephine Rovari

Comfortable in a variety of creative endeavors from writing to performance, Josephine found her voice in the intuitive nature of therapeutic art before taking up watercolour.  At the inception of the Niagara Plein Air Artists group in 2018, this self-taught artist has benefitted from the groups knowledge and experience. They inspired the confidence needed to pull through the ugly stage of this tricky medium. Weather permitting; and sometimes not, they meet weekly, taking advantage of all the beauty in Niagara. Beyond working from a photograph, outdoor painters like Josephine have a wide view of everything around them they’ll take in the sounds, smells, and feel of a place, the heart gets involved.





J Rovari 2BehindTheFalls WC J Rovari 3NightShip WC J Rovari 4Pillar n Post WC J Rovari 6HorticulturalBuilding WC



Audrey Barclay photo bio

Audrey Barclay was born and raised in Niagara-on-the-Lake.  Since childhood, sketching and painting has been a natural part of her life.  She obtained her Basic Art Degree from the Institute of Art in Minneapolis in 1982.
Audrey has been a member of the Parkway Artists’ Guild for more than 18 years and is currently the President.  Audrey is a contributing artist in the book “Pathways to Peace:  Art Studies of Upper Canada during the War of 1812”.
Audrey is an Artist living in Niagara Falls who enjoys working with a variety of mediums including acrylics, watercolours and pastels.  She loves subject matters from vintage cars to portraits and images inspired from her travels. She takes pleasure in all her surroundings and will never find a shortage of images to inspire her.



Audrey Barclay common merganser female pastel 8 5x11 Audrey Barclay Meat Cove NS oil pastel 8x11 A Barclay Tambourine Player 10x10 oil on wood



05B98C7B 486F 40A8 8A92 F89BDB6694F5Lynne Gaetz works with oils, acrylics, and mixed media. In addition to her landscapes and abstracts, she has a large body of surreal figurative work depicting people with antlers and tall hats. A former college teacher and textbook author, Lynne has studied art at universities in Alberta and Quebec. Her extensive travels to places such as Mexico, India, and Morocco have influenced her colour palette.
Lynne has received awards from juried shows and her work is owned by private collectors in Alberta, Quebec, and Ontario. This year, several of her figurative pieces will be exhibited in LIFT “Face Value” presented by the Robert Langen Art Gallery at Sir Wilfred Laurier University. You can view her art on Instagram @lgaetz.art or on her website lgaetz.com.





Rebirth Upstream Silver Light



Artists Photo

Sonja is a self-taught artist with a graduate degree in Laboratory Science. After retiring she settled in Niagara Falls, as it gives her the opportunity to follow her passion for painting.
She likes to experiment with new techniques, always developing her artwork. Sonja works in a variety of medium, including watercolour, acrylics, oils and inks. Her motto is “ Art nourishes me, it is good for my soul “ Along with a group of “Plain air “ painters, she explores and captures the beautiful Niagara Peninsula in her art .



Image 5 Image 6 Image 1



IMG 5746

Janice Opie has touched upon several disciplines and mediums over the years. Her interests spanned Thangka painting in a Tibetan Monastery as well as dying silk for clothing, creating and installing waterfalls from cast leaves, chain maile and stone mosaic pathways. Throughout all these accomplishments, there has always been the constant thread of fine art in watercolours and acrylics. Recently she has published a fiction loosely based on her two year offshore sailing stint entitled “Bloody Waters” available on Amazon or through her art website Janiceopie.com. Contact Janice at janiceopie@icloud.com



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IMG 9266

After having retired from teaching high school sciences, Margaret left the prairies surrounding Saskatoon to return to Northern Ontario Boreal Forest, and then later into the Carolina area of Niagara.  Margaret has travelled extensively throughout North America, Europe and the Caribbean.  Her strongest desirable ties are with the French Impressions of Monet, the Canadian artistry of the Group of Seven and the Italian light of Tuscany.  Her Finnish Family heritage has influenced her artistic lean towards the simplicity of Nordic designs and the outdoors.  Having discovered her love of art through watercolour and acrylics, Margaret is self taught and appreciates the support of the mentoring of Bronwen Quick and the King’s Art Centre in North Bay and recently the instructional classes by Julia Ponesse and others, sponsored by the NOTL Pumphouse. Contact watermarksml@gmail.com




image0 image5 image1



CADiguer Photo 2021

Carol Anne works with acrylic paints, which she thoroughly enjoys after having worked with oils over the years. She has enjoyed opportunities to study with skilled instructors at the Ottawa School of Art and with community artists to help expand her understanding and practice of painting, sketching, portraiture and various art techniques. She has painted throughout her career, while working in Montreal, Ottawa, and presently in St-Catharines/Niagara where she is now retired. Carol Anne enjoys plein-air painting and is an active member of the Niagara Plein-Air Artists Group, Parkway Artists Guild and Niagara Pumphouse Arts Centre, and Steering Committee member with the Queen Street Artists Guild (Niagara Falls). She continues to participate in workshops and is grateful for all opportunities.
Carol Anne continues to learn from and work alongside with fellow painters and artists in the picturesque region of Niagara. As an outdoor enthusiast, she much enjoys painting and sketching landscapes, water, flora, fauna and a plethora of sights here and on travel in Canada, U.S., and abroad; along with joyful walks and hikes and outdoor pleasures. She is inspired each and every day, and finds painting with others and on her own to be invigorating and meditative as she practices her craft. Visit queenstreetartists.ca


Snow Prints in the Forest CADig 180 16x20 gall 2021 Acryl PoppiesShimmering 18x20 Gallery 120 CADiguer 2020 Sit By the Bay 2020 CADiguer 8x8 Acrylic 45



20210322 225513

Working primarily in acrylic, Sandy especially enjoys painting “en plein air” where she is inspired  to capture  the beauty of the Niagara Region in her landscapes.  Still life and portraiture are also favored subjects.  Whether working outside or in the studio, Sandy strives to convey to the viewer the joy she derives from every  subject or scene she chooses to paint.
Upon her retirement, and acting on a life long interest in art, Sandy focused her time and attention to painting.   She had the good fortune of connecting with a number of talented and supportive instructors and local artists through membership with the Niagara Pumphouse, the Parkway Artists Guild and the Niagara Plein Air Artists.  Sandy attributes much of her on-going growth as an artist to these connections. Email: sandyann.stlaurent@gmail.com





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IMG 6353

Originally from Great Britain Win moved to Oakville with her family in 1969.  In 1994 Win moved to California  and opened a prestigious gallery in Laguna Beach, having a strong appreciation of landscape and impressionist painting.  In California she studied with – Ken Auster, John Cosby,  John Budicin, Roger Armstrong, Kevin Macpherson, and Tim Clark.
On returning from California back to Canada she opened a gallery in Oakville, and since retiring from that has been teaching at the Pumphouse in Niagara on the Lake.
Upon a visit to England she had the good fortune of meeting Master Watercolourist John Yardley, whose work would deeply influence her ability to capture light and the moment.
She has also studied with many of the Canadian Society of watercolour Artists.  Recently also with Mike Svob, Dennis Perrin and Jed Dorsey.
She is an elected member of The Society of Canadian Artists. Visit whenstock.fineartstudioonline.com

IMG 4789 IMG 7735 IMG 7732


image0 1

Kathrine Wilson has devoted much of her career to technology innovation.  Naturally curious, she has always been fascinated by the intersection of science and art and this eventually led her to the complex medium of transparent watercolours as a creative outlet.
Kathrine’s subjects reflect her love for nature and she will often retreat from her home studio in favour of a beautiful outside setting.  Her tools of the trade typically include a glass of Niagara wine, her easel, an assortment of Hake brushes and quality paint and paper which she uses to explore colours, patterns and tones to build out vast seascapes and landscapes.
Kathrine brings happiness to her work and believes that original art should be much more commonplace and accessible. She finds herself inspired by fellow artists on a daily basis. Her personal goal is to meet and collaborate with as many creative people as she is fortunate to get the chance to, as she continues to grow and deliver as an artist.
To view available paintings or to book her for an onsite event, you can contact her on Instagram @aquakawi or email kathrine.wilson@gmail.com

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Photo of artist

A self-guided artist, Bob paints in a representational style and has been painting or involved with art related activities since his teen years.
Bob enjoys painting in oils on locations in various parts of rural Ontario, in the Maritimes and other places outside of Canada. Larger paintings are created in his home studio working from the ‘Plein Air’ studies and reference materials gathered on his travels.
Landscapes, seascapes, faces and figures are his favourite subjects and he spends his time experimenting and studying the craft of painting fine art to reach an ever elusive goal.
Bob is a member of The Ontario Society of Artists,  Elected 1981, and the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour,  Elected 1997.
www.robertamirault.com         amiraultstudio@aol.com      289.820.8723

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