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Karoly Veress (Dalnoki Veress, Karoly) was born in 1935 in the rugged mountains of Transylvania. The upheaval of the Second World War forced him to recognize the fragility of his environment and the system that shaped it. Veress studied literature at the University of Budapest and studying the Arts at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands. For Veress sculpting is more than a discovery; it is an explosion of exploring human emotions, not through words, but through form. Veress once wrote, “I am put on the earth in the middle of creation. My life is a flight into the protection of others, and a flight back to loneliness to see if I still exist. I exist in making sculptures.”
Veress emphasizes that his work not only reflects the time of its creation, but must also have a timeless truth. Sculpture should not merely be a translation of the human experience into form, but should also explore the aspect of the human psyche that is detached from everyday life – from actuality. Art is truthful and authentic when it gives the moment of its creation a place in the universal order. His work, although prompted by personal experiences, spontaneously decouples from the present and evolves into a deeper, almost generically human expression. What Veress expresses in his sculpture relates to all of us, and transcends generations, cultures, and races – this is what gives Veress’s work a timeless truth.
His work graces many private and corporate collections, including that of Her Majesty Queen Beatrix, Queen of the Netherlands, and those of the Dutch and German governments. Veress shares his time between the Niagara region in Canada, and a small village in Hungary, from where his art has continued to grow and develop.




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