Canadian Abstract artist Carlo Amantea developed an interest in art at Central Technical School in Toronto. He studied painting and art history under the mentorship of Joseph Drapell.

Canadian Abstract artist Carlo Amantea was born on March 2nd, 1954 in Cosenza, a costal village in Southern Italy, his family immigrated to Canada when he was 10 years old. Developing an interest in art at Central Technical School in Toronto, Carlo continued his art studies in painting and art history under the mentorship of Joseph Drapell and eventually working as his painting assistant. In the 5 years he worked in Drapell’s studio, Carlo was able to develop a strong understanding of colour and acrylics as a media for expressing art.

Carlo’s joyful wonder in nature’s beauty is expressed in his works through the combination of images, textures, structures, use of palette and years of practiced intuition in the creative realization of his vision. His unabashed playful use of colours exemplifies his sense of curiosity and continuous exploration of the medium, capturing inspiration with the use of fluid gestural movements.

Carlo’s works have been shown in galleries across Canada, including: Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, and Ottawa. His art is in private corporate collections such as Toronto – Dominion Bank, Nova Scotia, Guaranty Trust Company, University of Saskatchewan, Roxborough Hotel in Ottawa and others.

“I believe in pushing boundaries and in waking up and doing – happiness. I believe in the evoking of emotion and in truth and in challenging the status quo because life is a continual process of executing what it is you are. Art is happiness is emotion is freedom is trust is rebellion and the reason I get up and do. I rebel and evoke emotion” Carlo Amantea




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