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Exploring. Creating. Enjoying.

Co-owner of 13th Street Winery, John Mann has been collecting and living with art for over fifty years, both at home and at work. Art has always been an integral part of the Winery’s vision to provide visitors with a unique experience that stimulates all the senses, not just taste. The Gallery at 13th Street Winery officially opened its doors in November 2019, offering guests the opportunity to view and purchase original artwork from the collection and beyond.

Mann Gallery specializes in Canadian historical and contemporary fine art. The collection features some of Canada’s most celebrated artists, including members of Les Automatistes, The Painters Eleven and Isaac’s stable of artists. We also represent exciting young, entry-level and esteemed senior contemporary artists. Exhibitions will draw on the stories of the artists represented and will rotate regularly so there is always something new to see.

Mann Gallery is located at 13th Street Winery in the Niagara Region and nestled amid an impressive contemporary sculpture garden. Visitors to Mann Gallery will encounter a unique and dynamic environment that will expand their relationship to Art, Wine and Food.

The Gallery is dedicated to delivering the same exceptional level of customer experience as the Winery. It is a place for visitors and clients to congregate and escape; to relax and discover; and to experience and learn about the joys of collecting and living with art.

Come for the Art – Stay for the Experience.

Courtesy of our Happy Collectors
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